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How to supernaturally defeat all your problems!

November 1st
 If you can believe in God, EVERYTHING is possible for those who believe in Him!
By Riqui Ricón*
O how love I thy law! it is my meditation all the day. Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. I am afflicted very much: quicken me, O Lord, according unto thy word. Uphold me according unto thy word, that I may live: and let me not be ashamed of my hope. Hold thou me up, and I shall be safe: and I will have respect unto thy statutes continually. (Ps 119:97, 105, 107, 116-117)
King Ezekiel was one of the best kings the kingdom of Judah ever had, so much so that the Bible says the following about  him:
And he did that which was right in the sight of the Lord, according to all that David his father did.  He trusted in the Lord God of Israel; so that after him was none like him among all the kings of Judah, nor any that were before him. For he clave to the Lord, and departed not from following him, but kept his commandments, which the Lord commanded Moses. And the Lord was with him; and he prospered whithersoever he went forth: and he rebelled against the king of Assyria, and served him not. (2Ki 18:3, 5-7)
When Sennacherib, king of Assyria, arrived with his great army to destroy Jerusalem, after a very successful military campaign where he had conquered several kingdoms, Ezekiel took strength in the Lord to listen and believe the Word of God, for which he was miraculously freed from his enemy.
Maybe, on this day, you, my dear friend, need, just like King Ezekiel, a great miracle. If this is the case, I've got very good news, the Bible, which is God's Word and does not lie, says that CERTAINLY He carried your diseases, suffered your pains and by his wounds you have already been healed. (Isa 53.4-5); it says that God wishes you to be prosper in EVERYTHING and that you have health and that your soul prospers (3 Joh 2); and it also says that though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you should fear no evil for God himself is with you. (Ps 23:4)
You may think that God supported Ezekiel because he was king of Judah or that Jesus could heal the ill or feed a crowd because He is the Son of God. Well, let me make you a few questions, is that all that is required? To be king or queen; son or daughter of God?
Great! More good news! The Bible, which is God's Word and can not lie, clearly says that by the Blood of Jesus you have been made king (queen) for God and that you shall reign upon this earth.
And they sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof: for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation; And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth. (Re 5:9-10)
Notice that the Bible does NOT say you will be a King (Queen) when you arrive to heaven or to God's presence, but establishes that, because of what Jesus did because He loves you, YOU ALREADY ARE that King (Queen) that shall reign upon this earth.
And if this is not enough, pay all your attention and heart to what 1 John 3:1 says:
Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not.
Not only you are King (Queen) and Priest (Priestess) but also, you are called Son (Daughter) of God by God Himself! And that is what you Truly are!
“It has often thrown him into fire or water to kill him. But if you can do anything, take pity on us and help us.” “‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.” (Mr 9:22-23)
Maybe you have already looked to prayer and it seems like nothing has happened and you find yourself like that father that came to Jesus saying, I brought my son to your disciples and they could not heal him, but if you can do something, have mercy on us and help us.
What do you mean if I can? It's the other way around, it's not about if I can do something for you, it's if you can believe ME, for EVERYTHING is possible to those who believe in God!
 O Lord of hosts, blessed is the man that trusteth in thee. (Ps 84:12)
If you can believe that the Bible is God's Word and that It does not lie. If you can believe that the Bible is The Truth. If you can believe that God loves you so much that he gave His only Son before losing you. If you can believe that you have been made King (Queen) and Priest (Priestess) by the Blood of Jesus and you shall reign upon the earth. If you can believe that by His great Love He has loved you, God has named you His Son (Daughter). Then, my loved one, you can pray with the certainty that the faith of God is with you, and if God is with you, who will be against you? You can be completely sure that if God said it, then He will do it, If God spoke then He will deliver.
And remember that though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death you should fear no evil for God himself is with you.
Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. (Isa 26:3)
Ezekiel got quick help from God and the Assyrian army was supernaturally destroyed because he believed in God by believing in His Word.
And you who are left in Judah, who have escaped the ravages of the siege, will put roots down in your own soil  and grow up and flourish. For a remnant of my people will spread out from Jerusalem, a group of survivors from Mount Zion. The passionate commitment of the Lord of Heaven’s Armies will make this happen!  “And this is what the Lord says about the king of Assyria: “‘His armies will not enter Jerusalem. They will not even shoot an arrow at it. They will not march outside its gates with their shields nor build banks of earth against its walls. The king will return to his own country by the same road on which he came. He will not enter this city,’ says the Lord.  ‘For my own honor and for the sake of my servant David, I will defend this city and protect it.’” (Isa 37:31-35)
This happened even though Ezekiel was only a king of Judah. What would God Almighty not do for one of His Sons (Daughters) like you, that is trusting in Him?
Take heart! Believe in your Heavenly Father, by believing in His Word, for His good Will is for you and it is nice and perfect.  God has not left you, nor shall He ever leave you and you will overcome every problem, anguish or dissease through Him that loved you, Jesus Christ.
Ezekiel, though a great king, was just a simple mortal and, without any doubt, by the Love that God has for you, by His Word and by the Power of the Holy Spirit, you are a Son (Daughter) of God, born agian, and you can tell your Heavenly Father with all honesty: 
O how love I thy law! it is my meditation all the day. Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. I am afflicted very much: quicken me, O Lord, according unto thy word. Uphold me according unto thy word, that I may live: and let me not be ashamed of my hope. Hold thou me up, and I shall be safe: and I will have respect unto thy statutes continually. (Ps 119:97, 105, 107, 116-117)
So, make the Bible your maximum standard of existence. Set it in your mind, mouth and heart by reading it, meditating on it by day and night for the rest of your life
This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success. (Jos 1:8)
Lets pray outloud:
Heavenly father, I truly know that I can trust You. I truly know that Your Word, The Bible, is The Truth. And I know that even this certainty has been given to me by You, because of the great Love you have for me. Thank you, Lord Jesus, because when I was in the valley of the shadow of the death you took me to Your admirable Light; when I was death You gave me life and the life You bought for me with Your Blood is good, complete, and abundant. I am a Son (Daughter) of the King of kings and Lord of lords! Who can defeat me? Tribulation, anguish, persecution, hunger, bareness, danger, or sword? As it is writen in Your Word: For your sake I face death all day long I am considered as sheep to be slaughtered. No, in all these things I am more than conqueror through Him who loved me.  For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers,  neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. So I believe an receive healthy, free from disease life that You bought for me. I believe and receive this plentiful and abundant life full of joy and peace, where I shall have problems and afflictions but I shall be more than conqueror in all of these. There’s no way I can lose in this life, therefore I believe and declare myself healthy! Free! Prosper! Joyful! I am The King’s Son (Daughter)! Thank you Jesus Christ! Amen.
Important footnote:
How can I be a Son of God? How do I stablish a relationship with the Allmighty?
Just say the following prayer outloud paying attention and setting your heart into what you are telling God:
Lord Jesus, I believe you are the Son of God. That you came into this world through virgen Mary to pay for all my sins, and I have been a sinner. This is why I tell you today that I accept! I accept your sacrifice in the cross! I accept your precious Blood spilled to the last drop because of Your Love to me. I open up my heart and ask you to enter because I want You to be my one and only Saviour from today on, my God, my King, my Lord. Thank you almighty God, because with this simple prayer and faith confession I have moved from death to Life, I have been moved from shadows to Your admirable Light. I have been born again! God, I am now Your Son (Daughter)! You are now my Father! I shall never be alone! I will never live defeated! In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
*Ricardo C. Peredo Jaime   © 2011
  Reading and Meditating on God’s Word.
Do these daily readings and by the end of one year you will have read all the Bible.
1 November 1st.                                             1 Ti 3  /  Isa 36-37/ Ps 119.97-120

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